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Take advantage of back-to-school tax-free weekend

This weekend the state of Missouri will hold its annual “Back-to-School Tax-Free Holiday.”

I remember my first day of school

Ceil Abbott reflects on her first day of school at age 6.

Real or fake, it seems proof of mythical creature crops up everywhere

The other day while channel surfing I ran across one of those “reality” programs where people were looking for evidence that Bigfoot really exists and is living in the Pacific Northwest.

Proof of mythical creature crops up everywhere

Real or fake, it seems proof of mythical creatures crops up everywhere.

Eight amendments to Missouri Constitution placed on Aug. 5 ballot

Constitutional amendments range from insuring Missourians the right to farm to restricting the governor’s ability to plan the annual budget

When Missourians go to their polling place on Tuesday, Aug. 5, they will be asked to vote "yes" or "no" on eight separate amendments to the Missouri Constitutions.

Remembering those Wednesday farm auctions

When I was a kid one of my favorite summertime outings was accompanying Mom and Dad to the auctions held every Wednesday at the county seat.

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Get out and enjoy our Missouri’s native flora

Taking a mid-July drive along a Lake Area country road provides one of the best opportunities to enjoy the state’s wildflowers

Last week, this reporter spent traveled the rural roads in the Lake Area and during that drive was able to catalogue a large number of Missouri’s loveliest wildflowers.

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MoDOT releases finalized list of ballot initiative projects

$200 million-plus is the estimated cost of 17 transportation projects approved for Lake Area by the state’s highway commission last week

A total of $227.03 million will be spent on various transportation projects in Miller, Morgan and Camden counties over the next 10 years if voters give a go ahead nod to a three-quarter-cent sales tax increase.

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Bike path plans are on hold in Eldon

A decision by Ameren Missouri to sell the old Rock Island Lines railroad has forced Eldon officials to shelf their plans to build a bike path through the city.

Wow! It’s twins

My kids are always referring to their pets as my “grand dogs,” a declaration with which I usually disagree emphatically. However, a situation developed this weekend, in which I will gladly claim a grandparent title to an animal.

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