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Remembering the sultry summers nights of my childhood

With Memorial Day come and gone and the prospect of those three-digit Ozark temperatures looming on the horizon, I am reminded of the hot, sultry summers of my youth.

Several new laws could have direct impact on Lake Area

At least six pieces of state legislation recently passed could affect the Lake Area if signed into law

At least six bills passed during this spring’s legislative session and sent to the governor for his signature could have a direct effect on the Lake Area is they are signed into law.

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Lake Ozark-Osage Beach finalize taxi ordinance

Lake Ozark officials give fire district permission to erect LED message board on city right of way

Officials with both the cities of Lake Ozark and Osage Beach have given a final nod to changes in ordinances setting regulations for businesses wishing to operate a taxi service at the Lake.

Remembering the Butterfly Brigade

Shortly after my father passed away in 1988, my mother came to stay with my husband and I so she could be close to an orthopedic surgeon capable of doing knee replacements on both her legs.

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Lake West Chamber bridge study gets underway

The ongoing study seeks the traveling public’s input on how the toll bridge has affected their commute between the Lake’s east and west sides.

Osage Beach Fire to ask voters for a tax increase

Osage Beach Fire District officials say an increase in calls makes it necessary to update equipment and facilities, hire more firefighters

On Aug. 4, the Osage Beach Fire Protection District will be asking voters to approve a 15-cent raise in its current property tax levy.

Why do we celebrate official holidays on the wrong day?

This coming Sunday people around the world will celebrate Mother’s Day on the actual day that was originally set-aside for that purpose.

State Senate proposes 15 Constitutional amendments

Proposed changes in the state constitution range from photo IDs for voters to an elimination of the state income tax.

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For a sweet song and cheerful color, you can’t beat Baltimore orioles

Baltimore orioles are one of Missouri’s favorite summertime residents

You often hear them before you see them. Their song sounds almost like the music of a very sweet toned flute.

Birthday remembrances

As I am the oldest employee at The Lake Today, the card from my co-workers was, as expected, a tongue-in-cheek comment about old I am. It was really cute and funny. However, what my co-workers didn’t expect was the chores referred to on the card as “games” were, in fact, just part of the daily routine when I was a child.

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