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Ameren to build new shoreline management office

Ameren Missouri’s new shoreline management office building will not only be constructed next to Willmore Lodge, but will also be designed to blend perfectly into its historic surroundings.

The newspaper-reading public and me

One of the great things about working in the news business is the constant contact with the reading public and its reaction to the articles that are published.

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Most visited park in the state: Lake of the Ozarks State Park

For five-plus years, Lake of the Ozarks State Park has drawn more than 2 million visitors annually

Each year Missouri State Parks have an impact on the state’s economy in excess of $1 billion, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). With Lake of the Ozarks State Park outdrawing all others by an almost 2-to-1 margin, it alone is responsible for a large percentage of that annual impact.

Voters give Mid-County Fire go ahead to reinstate earlier budget cuts

Passage of a tax increase means proposed closing of three outlying fire stations will not take place

The passage of a ballot issue in Tuesday’s election means that more than $80,000 in cuts made by the Mid County Fire Protection District Board, earlier this year, can now be reinstated.

April is a great month

As we all know April is famous for a number of reasons. April Fool’s Day, Easter and, of course, my birthday so on this, the second day of the month, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the other reasons that this 30-day period is such an important time of the year.

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Sunrise Beach sewer treatment plant under construction

Sunrise Beach administrator Roger Corbin says the first business, Woods Supermarket, should be connected to the new sewer system within 30 days

After years of preparation, the plan to provide Sunrise Beach businesses and residents with citywide sewer service is finally nearing reality, said Sunrise Beach City Administrator Roger Corbin.

Camden County to replace P&Z administrator

Presiding Commissioner to act as interim replacement for Don Hathaway, who resigned after charging that he was being harassed by an elected official.

Fun facts about spring

After this year’s winter season that seemed to go on forever, and because this is the first full week of the spring season I thought it would be fun to look up some facts about the season.

Camden County P&Z official resigns

Camden County Planning and Zoning Administrator Don Hathaway tendered his resignation early last week, citing ‘a hostile work environment’ created by an elected county official.

Remembering my first new car

I am not writing this article to brag on my new car, even though it is a beautiful example of American heavy metal. I am writing to contrast my feelings about last week’s purchase with those I experienced when I bought my very first new car.

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