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For a sweet song and cheerful color, you can’t beat Baltimore orioles

Baltimore orioles are one of Missouri’s favorite summertime residents

You often hear them before you see them. Their song sounds almost like the music of a very sweet toned flute.

Birthday remembrances

As I am the oldest employee at The Lake Today, the card from my co-workers was, as expected, a tongue-in-cheek comment about old I am. It was really cute and funny. However, what my co-workers didn’t expect was the chores referred to on the card as “games” were, in fact, just part of the daily routine when I was a child.

A plethora of House bills designed to create ballot issues

Voters may be asked to accept or reject ballot issues on subjects such as legalized marijuana to automobile-deer collisions

With just a couple of weeks left in the 2015 session of the Missouri General Assembly, it is unlikely legislators will have time to consider all 50-plus House of Representative bills designed to place issues on upcoming ballots.

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Gardeners and sportsmen urged to be aware of invasive species

Lake Area residents need to be aware of the damage that can be done by non-native species

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) said one of the most damaging mistakes a homeowner can make is planting a tree on their property that is not native to the Ozarks.

A reflection on conspiracy theories

There is a program on the Travel Channel that tells the tales of odd and unusual items found in museums around the country.

Several pieces of legislation could have direct affect on Lake Area

Two General Assembly resolutions and eight legislative bills could, if passed, have a direct impact on the Lake Area

A resolution that has already been “truly agreed and passed” by both houses of the General Assembly is designed to limit the EPA and Corps of Engineers’ control over local waterways.

Remembering mushroom hunting

Throughout my years growing up, hunting for delicious sponge-like morel mushrooms was a springtime tradition.

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Community Bridge Commission to do traffic survey

A survey of traffic numbers and patterns will help determine how construction debt for the toll bridge will be handled in the future

The results of a survey of traffic numbers and patterns will help commissioners governing the Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge determine whether to lower toll rates or pay the construction debt off early.

It’s all English, but it’s not quite the same language

One of the things that entertains me most in those books is the way many of the words used by those very British writers differ in meaning when used by an American, even though in both countries English is the official language.

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There’s still time to join the Kilts and Kleats Softball Classic

Brandon Pharr, organizer of the Kilts and Kleats Softball Classic, said there is still time to enter a team for the May 9 event.

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