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Our Lake Today: My View: U.S. economy and what it means to us

Our Lake Today: My View: U.S. economy and what it means to us

February 20th, 2013 by By Conrad Hintz, CMS student in News

Editor's Note: This column by CMS student Conrad Hintz reflects his opinions of how the U.S. economy is affecting Americans now and has affected them throughout the past several decades. His opinions are his and do not necessarily reflect those of The Lake Today staff.

We are in a major economic depression; our supposed January unemployment rate is 7.4 percent. That is not all of the unemployed people though; What happened to the people not signed up for unemployment benefits, or the people who don't have a job in order to take care of their family, or people who physically or mentally can't get a job.

Do you know what got us out of a similar situation called the Great Depression? World War II! Do you know why? All of us got off our couches and chairs to help the soldiers, we actually worked together, we turned expensive car companies into airplane fighter producing companies, we sold war bonds, we sent our men off to war and the woman took over in the men's places.

Do you know why we joined World War II? The attack on Pearl Harbor was our motivation to unite in the war effort, which in turn improved the economy. We had 9/11 did we not? Why isn't that enough motivation to get us to work together to fight back and save our economy? Nevertheless we are doing nothing! Do you know what got us into this mess with the economy? Not spending money on American goods!

So what are we doing currently that is wrong? We are buying cheap products from other countries, when we should be making stuff for the entire country to use that we can actually have confidence in. The unemployment rate is the second highest as it has been In 60 years when there was a global depression. What should we do about it? Start a small business, buy American goods, pay taxes, find a job that you can qualify for and get hired, pay off your personal debt, start a farm, invest in American companies, help the war effort, help the people in your area, help the people not in your area, produce food at home, sell the food you produced at home, stop buying products from other countries, convince authorities to stop sending jobs overseas. What other ideas do you have to improve the economy?

Even if you pay more money for the products made in America, your money will go to the workers who created and/or manufactured those products. Then they pay money for the supplies they need and that money then is distributed more so that the increased spending on local goods goes to the companies who hire more people and/or pay their employees more, thus improving the economy.

In the final analysis, there are things we can do get ourselves out of this economic crisis we have gotten ourselves into. We might not be the president or a congressman but we can still make a difference in the economy, our country's economy. We need to work together to make this work.