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Our Lake Today: Kids shine at Math Contest

Our Lake Today: Kids shine at Math Contest

February 20th, 2013 by By Kenneth Khor, Camdenton Middle School student in News

Pictured here are, from right to left: Miranda Sauer, Reagan Hubbard, William Singleton, Kylie Becker, Mrs. Brambilla the math coach, Paxton Poole, Brenden Barbour, Keaton Meyer, Kenneth Khor and Kevin Warner.

CMS students recently competed at SBU for a math club competition. They did a great job representing our school. Students faced other kids from different schools on Jan 26th, 2013. You may be wondering how this math contest works.

For the team competition, a maximum of four people are allowed. Ten questions are given to your team. Teams divide the questions amongst themselves and attempt to finish as many questions as possible. You may think ten questions are not a lot, since the others have thirty or so questions. But these ten questions are very difficult to understand and solve. Here's a question from the real test: what is the coordinate of the y-intercept of the line that goes through (1, 4) and is perpendicular to the line going through the points (1, 4) and (-2, 5)?

For the seventh and eighth grade, there is a target, countdown, and a sprint round. The sprint round has thirty questions and is much like the concepts test and problem solving test. You have forty minutes to complete the test without using calculators. Most participants cannot finish the test due to the skill required. Unless you guess, you will most likely not be able to finish the test. Here's a problem from the real test: how many vertices does a pentagonal pyramid have?

The target round gives you two questions to finish in six minutes with 10 questions total. If you finish the two questions before time is up, you just have to stare at your piece of paper. Then you get two more questions when time is up. This process repeats for about ten questions.

The countdown round takes place before any award is handed out. Everyone congregates in the awards building. Then, the top eight scoring students go up on the stage and compete in another contest with buzzers to press when you have the answer. With everyone watching you, it can be hard to concentrate! The top three participants receive trophies.

However, at the awards ceremony, some changes occurred. For example, Instead of giving out plaques like last year, they have started to give out trophies to higher ranked contestants. Usually, third and higher will score you a trophy. Another important thing about the awards is that each grade level has their own set of awards.

Many students earned placements in the competition. Regan Hubbard made the countdown round. She received an honorable mention ribbon. She also received a first place trophy for the target round and a second place trophy for the sprint round. Paxton Poole tied for fifth in the target round. For the eighth graders, Kenneth Khor and Kylie Becker both made it to the countdown round. They both got honorable mention ribbons. In the target round, Kylie Becker tied for a ninth place ribbon. Kenneth Khor received a third place trophy in the target round. In the sprint round, Kylie Becker tied for fifth place, while Kenneth Khor received a third place trophy for the sprint round.

The participants in the math contest are the following: Regan Hubbard, Keaton Meyer, Paxton Poole, and Miranda Sauer, Brenden Barbour, Kylie Becker, Kenneth Khor, William Singleton, and Kevin Warner. Also, many thanks to the math coach, Mrs. Brambilla, who helped them to achieve victory and success.

Obviously, the SBU math contest was very challenging. The team is looking forward to other math contests. Math Club hopes to find even more success at future contests.