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Our Lake Today: A day of Extemporé

Our Lake Today: A day of Extemporé

February 20th, 2013 by By Andrea Johnston, Camdenton Middle School student in News

Extemporé, most people don't know what that is, or even how to say it, but to the Capstone kids of CMS, Extemporé is the thing they look forward to most. Extemporé is a highly spontaneous competition, which derives of a short play and three critical thinking activities.

Extemporé this year is themed to our ever-changing world of technology. Being held April 6 in Marshall, Mo. at their local high school, kids across the state will come to compete, and the Capstone kids at CMS will be some of them.

There are different divisions depending on your grade and which arena you choose to compete. Each year they have a main theme and then they have arenas. The arenas correlate to the main theme but have different requirements; these requirements must be met in your skit. The skits are usually about five minutes long and may include scene changes. Before performing you go into a room and you must draw 3-5 cards with words on them, the number of cards depends on what arena you choose to compete in. On these cards they state things you must add to your skit. For example, one card said "apple" and the team had to construct an apple out of supplies that they had brought and add it to their performance. Three judges score your performance and you then get points. These points are compared to other teams and help decide who wins.

In addition to the skit, you also have to participate in an A-HA. An A-HA is when teammates go into a room and have to complete a problem- solving activity. The activity isn't specified until you walk into the room and it is explained to you; it's totally spontaneous. You get scored on how well you completed the activity and how well the team worked together. You have to participate in three of these rooms and these scores add to the score you received from your skit.

All scores are added together and then ranked, and if you are lucky enough to win in your arena you receive an award. Awards are presented at the award ceremony, which they hold at the end of the day. Every year, the CMS kids have won an award. Last year a group from CMS, who competed in the Showtime division, won first place and our school took home several other awards. At this ceremony they also have their Sync Me a Song competition. This competition is a dance competition with a song that must be relevant to Extemporé's main theme. Camdenton has never won Sync Me a Song, but a very eager Skylar Colyer says, "This year we're going to give them what they want!"

Bart Gulshen runs the preparation for Extemporé at the middle school and serves as CMS' coach for the competition. He starts preparing his students about 10 weeks ahead of the day of Extemporé, and allows students who want to participate in Sync Me a Song to practice after school. Having gone several years in a row to the competition, Gulshen knows what to expect.

Every year, the CMS kids have won an award. Last year a group from CMS, who competed in the Showtime division, won first place and our school took home several other awards. Skylar Colyer received one specific award; she was honored with the "Pink Lady Award." Last year's theme was presidents, and this award meant she played the best "first lady."

"Extemporé is a blast! I look forward to it every year," said Kylie Becker.

The students at CMS anxiously await Extemporé and urge anyone who's interested to come and watch this year's completion in Marshall. Extemporé is a fun, exciting, and a great opportunity to make lasting memories that will last a lifetime.