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Requirements for building permit in Camden County

Requirements for building permit in Camden County

October 12th, 2011 in News

Effective Sept. 26, 1 the Planning & Zoning Department instigated revisions to the informational document, "NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS TO OBTAIN A CONSTRUCTION PERMIT."

In accordance with the Camden County Missouri Unified Land Use Code, Article 400 Section 401, Permits are required for new building construction in the County. Section 401 states "In compliance with RSMo. 64.570, 64.620.1 and 64.650, no building or structure can be erected, modified, altered, or relocated without approval of the Planning Administrator. This requirement is intended to ensure compliance with zoning requirements such as setbacks, height requirements, parking, access, provisions of utility service, etc. ..." Article 400, Section 402 outlines the procedures for obtaining a permit including specific information required to verify the subject lot or tract is a suitable location and meets the requirements necessary for a safe and habitable structure. This section also lists the general requirements for site plans which has been expanded in the newly issued informational document to further clarify the minimum requirements necessary on the site plans to insure proper building construction compliance. The revised Site Plan requirements are as follows;

Site Plan: Show the entire lot / tract property boundary drawn to scale with bearings and dimensions of the tract or lot. Identify any existing structure and the proposed structure location with dimensions from roof lines and decks to property lines at 90 degree angle to structure(s), the property access (road) with existing pavement section and drainage direction indicated, and proposed erosion control facilities proposed to control storm water sediment discharge from the property, and any other important features. Note the minimum setbacks or platted building lines (Ex: 25' front, 15' rear, and 10' on each side for R-1 zoning). Indicate location and type of wastewater facility or sewer, and any proposed or existing easements on the property.

The other change added to the requirements states: Floodplain Elevation Certificate: Applicant for permits abutting waterways with a 1% annual chance of flood (100-year floodplain), including all lots with lake frontage, shall first obtain approval of structure location and elevation from the Floodplain Administrator.

This simply states that in accordance with state and federal laws, Camden County will not issue a construction permit on a lot until the applicant has shown that his lot and selected building location is at an appropriate elevation above the 1% flood stage, and outside the restricted FEMA FIRM Map designated Special Flood Hazard Zones.

This hand out is available at the Camden County Planning & Zoning office or by calling 573- 317-3860.