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Health Beat: Yes, you can prevent osteoporosis

It’s not too late to do more for your bones

You’ve probably heard that bone mass is at its highest in your late teens and early 20s. That’s why it’s so important for your kids to get their calcium.

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Driftwood Outdoors: Developing new hunters highlights season

It takes age and experience to grasp the old adage, “It’s better to give than receive.”

SCORE: A small business exit strategy begins with good planning

Want to make your business better? Learn how by reading a special article courtesy of the SCORE Lake of the Ozarks.

Remembering the Butterfly Brigade

Shortly after my father passed away in 1988, my mother came to stay with my husband and I so she could be close to an orthopedic surgeon capable of doing knee replacements on both her legs.

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Fishing Tip: Giving praise to a Lake Area student fisherman

It is important today’s youth learn how to fish, and some excel in the sport. One Lake Area student has become part of the first ever Bassmaster High School All-American Fishing Team.

TCLA districts, board sees new members, highlights upcoming special events

Make sure to check out the “Around the Lake” column to find out all about what’s happening at the Lake from the area’s top people “in the know.”

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Driftwood Outdoors: Bass are biting at Lake of the Ozarks

Trying to understand directions on Lake of the Ozarks is like cracking some sort of secret code.

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Fishing Tip: Know fishing tournament etiquette

A plethora of large, medium and small fishing tournaments continue at Lake of the Ozarks and started earlier this spring. Whether is fishing for bass or crappie, many tournaments bring home great payouts to participants and allow both professional and amateur fishermen a chance to “test the waters” on a new crop of fish at the Lake.

Ozark Daze: ‘Strangers in the Mirror’: Part 2

In the next several editions of “Ozark Daze,” Speckman will share excerpts of his e-book “Stranger in the Mirror,” which chronicles the life and battle with cancer his late wife, Marti, faced.

Why do we celebrate official holidays on the wrong day?

This coming Sunday people around the world will celebrate Mother’s Day on the actual day that was originally set-aside for that purpose.

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Driftwood Outdoors: Fishing creates lasting family memories

Fishing is one of the greatest ways I know of to spend time together as a family.

Birthday remembrances

As I am the oldest employee at The Lake Today, the card from my co-workers was, as expected, a tongue-in-cheek comment about old I am. It was really cute and funny. However, what my co-workers didn’t expect was the chores referred to on the card as “games” were, in fact, just part of the daily routine when I was a child.

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Youth turkey season a blast

When the first thunderous gobble of the morning rattled down the pine tree covered hill to our south, Brenden McGuire’s head snapped up. His eyes were as big as saucers. He’d never heard a wild turkey gobble before. It was a moment I trust he’ll never forget.

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Fishing Tip & Lure of the Week: Local bass lure co-owner catches first place prize in BFL tournament

Crappie and bass are starting to move up for their annual spawn at Lake of the Ozarks, and one bass fisherman has recently reaped the rewards of this migration.

A reflection on conspiracy theories

There is a program on the Travel Channel that tells the tales of odd and unusual items found in museums around the country.