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SCORE: How to find customers … and help them find you

What’s a sure-fire way to find new customers? Have current customers refer them to you. That’s hardly surprising, as referrals are typically the top source of new business for any company.

Around the Lake: Eldon Chamber sees successful Turkey Festival, big events coming for holiday season

The Eldon Chamber of Commerce staff reported another successful annual Turkey Festival, which celebrated its 29th year at the end of September and a major community event co-sponsored by the business organization.

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Hunter contemplates desire for big bucks

As soon as I saw the buck’s massive antlers, adrenaline started coursing through my veins. I could actually feel my predatory instinct turning on and honing in. My vision narrowed.

Remembering my time as a parade judge

While we have a number of great parades celebrating the various holidays and, as much as the next guy, I enjoy watching a really good parade, every time I attend one I’m reminded of the one and only time I was in the position of judging parade entries.

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Turkey hunting legends hosts incredible fall camp

Ray Eye must be part turkey. I don’t know how else to explain it. The man just flat out speaks their language. After over 50 years in the turkey woods, hundreds of birds under his belt and countless turkey calling championships won, “Uncle Ray,” has earned the title of living legend.

Health Beat: A look at lung cancer

Lung cancer is a scary disease. Survival rates vary widely, depending on at what point in the disease stage it’s diagnosed. And, there is no widespread screening for it.

A Caregiver's Coach: Occasional forgetfulness or something to worry about?

Some forgetfulness seems to be normal, no matter what the age.

Legislative Column: Celebrating our servicemen and women for Veteran’s Day

On Thursday (Nov. 6), I had the great privilege of hosting Operation Bugle Boys guests, a number of whom were Marines, in the State Capitol.

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Ozark Daze: Watching the blimp go by

My feelings are hurt. For over 30 years stories my bylines have been appearing in newspapers all over Mid-Missouri. During those times, I have had television and radio shows. I was shunned.

Is reading for pleasure becoming a lost art?

Ever since I started school, reading has been one of my favorite pastimes. Or maybe I should say reading is one of my favorite occupations, for I can’t seem to get through a day unless I read something just for the pleasure of doing so.

Around the Lake: TCLA works behind the scenes to promote special events

We attended the recent Governor’s Conference on Tourism earlier this month, which offered many educational seminars on destination marketing.

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Missouri Wild Elk: A legacy of our generation

Listening to a wild Missouri elk bugle for the first time was one of the most moving and inspiring moments I’ve ever experienced in the outdoors.

Remembering my dad and the St. Louis Cardinals

I will be glued to the TV from first pitch to last throughout the playoffs. Even as I rejoice that my Cardinals are once again competing in the post season, I can’t help but feel a little sadness that my dad won’t be here to watch the Redbirds play in yet another baseball classic.

Speak up, voice your opinion

When we started The Lake Today, nearly six years ago, the corporate hierarchy asked me if I would write a weekly column. I agreed, with one proviso that I am allowed to keep the subjects I touched on strictly non-political and always light-hearted in nature. But, dear readers, I am about to break that rule because I believe there is a subject currently in the news that without exception affects every person in the Lake Area in one way or another.

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Fall is the right time to visit Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake is a true sportsman’s paradise. A group of 200 professional outdoor enthusiasts just proved it.