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Around the Lake: TCLA offers activity updates, recognizes Lake of the Ozarks, Can-Am Games information

“Around the Lake” allows the Lake Area’s five chambers of commerce directors, Convention and Visitors Bureau director and Tri-County Lodging Association administrator to share upcoming event information, local issues and fun topics with The Lake Today’s readers.

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Giant tent serves as season long base camp

Each spring and fall, I hunt numerous public and private properties across multiple states. Some are special places I return to year after year, while others are new destinations luring me in with the hope of greatness and the promise of adventure.

Reflecting on Missouri pride

With the baseball season now into the playoffs and both of Missouri’s teams once again being represented, I can’t help but reflect on just how much we, as Missourians, have to be proud of.

Reflecting on “Americanisms”

In watching all the tributes to hall of fame catcher Yogi Berra, following his death last week, I was struck by just how much better known this man was for what he said, than for his prowess behind home plate.

The changing times of fashion

Last week as I was driving to work I saw a group of young people waiting for the school bus. As they ranged in age from elementary to high school students, I was struck by how similarly they were all dressed.

Around the Lake: It always pays to plan ahead

With fall right around the corner, and businesses winding down after a very busy summer, now is the time to start planning for 2016.

SCORE: Put the spark back in your small business

But does your business need a full-scale makeover to get things going? Or are some simple tweaks enough to spur activity?

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Stream fishing for smallmouth bass and google eye under review

If given one day left to live, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than float fishing an Ozark stream with my family.

Where does it all come from?

I have a theory that when you store stuff in the attic, basement or the back of a closet it breeds. I mean how else does all that totally useless stuff accumulate? Surely, I didn’t buy all that stuff. I mean, why would I?

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Health Beat: Treating arthritis

How new biologic drugs help

More than 50 million Americans have some form of arthritis. As a result, there has been tremendous interest in finding treatments, and some of the greatest successes for inflammatory arthritis have been with new biologic drugs.

Remembering Old Settlers Day

Every year about this time as the seemingly endless rounds of fall festivals begin in the Lake Area, I am reminded of the one and only community event designed to celebrate the fall season back when I was a child: Old Settlers Day.

Your Active Life Column: Help is available for seniors preparing their

As chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee for the Missouri House of Representatives, I have been able to hear about the importance of weatherizing homes.

Remembering homemade fishing gear

The other day as I shopped for new fishing equipment, I perused the variety of name brands available at the local big box store. The open bale open and closed bale reels and the long and short fiberglass rods.

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Driftwood Outdoors: MDC approves new deer hunting dates and regulations

Changes are on the horizon for Missouri deer hunters. Beginning in 2016, deer hunters won’t be able to kill as many antlered bucks, will be able to use crossbows during archery season, will have two fewer days of hunting during the November portion of the firearms season, will have a shorter antlerless season and Urban Zones will no longer exist.

I remember canning with my mother

It seems to me that every August the school year begins just a bit earlier than it did the previous year. Although starting the school year in mid-August instead of early September has been around for a while, I just can’t get used to the idea of kids going off to class before Sept. 1.