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Driftwood Outdoors: MDC approves new deer hunting dates and regulations

Changes are on the horizon for Missouri deer hunters. Beginning in 2016, deer hunters won’t be able to kill as many antlered bucks, will be able to use crossbows during archery season, will have two fewer days of hunting during the November portion of the firearms season, will have a shorter antlerless season and Urban Zones will no longer exist.

I remember canning with my mother

It seems to me that every August the school year begins just a bit earlier than it did the previous year. Although starting the school year in mid-August instead of early September has been around for a while, I just can’t get used to the idea of kids going off to class before Sept. 1.

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Around the Lake: Save the date for an unforgettable aviation experience: 2015 Lake of the Ozarks Air Show

The Lake of the Ozarks Air Show committee presents the 2015 Lake of the Ozarks Air Show Saturday, Sept.12 at the Camdenton Memorial Lake Regional Airport, and it will be an aviation event you will not want to miss.

Remembering some good and bad lodging experiences

Listening to the description of what that hotel offers guests, I remarked that it sounded like a “nice place” to spend a vacation. In saying that, I was reminded of some of the less than “nice” lodging experiences I have endured while traveling.

SCORE: Even in e-commerce, the customer is king

As more business is conducted online, retailers are less likely to have face-to-face contact with their customers. But that doesn’t mean you can scrimp on customer service.

Around the Lake: TCLA offers activity updates, recognizes Lake of the Ozarks, welcomes new sales team member

We would like to thank The Lake Today staff for the opportunity to share with their readers how the Lake of the Ozarks Tri-County Lodging Association (TCLA) Board of Directors works to promote tourism and bring more visitors to the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.

Driftwood Outdoors: Conservation agent grandfather inspires in absence

My grandfather was an Indiana Conservation Officer in the 1960s. I have a newspaper clip written about him serving as a diver on Lake Michigan. He recovered a number of drowning victims.

I am not a political pundit or columnist

I was asked the other day why I don’t use this space to comment on the latest hot news topics.

Around the Lake: 2016 official CVB publications open for advertising sales

The Lake of the Ozarks Convention & Visitor Bureau (CVB) is excited to announce the opening of advertising sales for the 2016 Lake of the Ozarks Official Vacation & Service Guide and The Lake of the Ozarks Restaurant Guide publications.

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Driftwood Outdoors: Western road trip full of outdoor adventure

Our family vacation might not have been real relaxing, but it was full of memory making destinations and experiences. Here are a few highlights.

Ozark Daze: ‘Strangers in the Mirror’: Final

In the last several editions of “Ozark Daze,” Speckman has shared excerpts of his e-book “Stranger in the Mirror,” which chronicles the life and battle with cancer his late wife, Marti, faced. Enjoy this educational guest column with the last excerpts as follows.

I love the written word

According to a number of websites that keep track of such things, this Sunday, Aug. 9, is National Read a Book Day. It is suggested on this day everyone should spend at least a part of their time getting lost in the pages of a book.

Health Beat: Student athletes, beware!

ACL tears are common in school sports

The start of school brings the start of fall sports. As practices pick up the pace, Scott Hofer, D.O., a Lake Regional physician board certified in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery, encourages athletes to give their ACLs some TLC.

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Driftwood Outdoors: Family camping a summer must

Camping is such a relaxing form of outdoor enjoyment. Gathering with family and friends, or going at it solo, campers seek to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Nostalgia versus reality

I recently read another writer’s opinion column about what the world was really like back in “the golden days of the 1950s.” In the column, the writer was sarcastically responding to something she had read about what a perfect world it was during those mid-20th century days.