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Remembering homemade fishing gear

The other day as I shopped for new fishing equipment, I perused the variety of name brands available at the local big box store. After leaving the store and heading home, I was struck by how different obtaining new fishing equipment is today from how we got new stuff when I was a child.

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Driftwood Outdoors: The daughter delight of a wannabe mountain man

A Midwesterner by birth, my only goal upon college graduation was moving to Montana to become a mountain man. I moved to Montana, but instead of being swept downriver by a rushing current, I was swept off my feet by a woman. We married and had two daughters. Before I ever arrowed an elk, I was back in the Midwest.

SCORE: Tap the power of ‘thank you’ to strengthen customer loyalty

ant to make your business better? Learn how by reading a special article courtesy of the SCORE Lake of the Ozarks the first and third Wednesday each month in The Lake Today.

Around the Lake: What is a chamber?

So what is the definition of a chamber of commerce? Simply put, a chamber of commerce is an organization of businesses seeking to further their collective interest, while advancing their community.

I remember some Henny Penny

The other day while watching a HGTV show, I was amazed to see a couple turn down a perfectly lovely home simply because the people next door kept chickens and they didn’t want to live near “farm animals.”

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New deer regulations to help population rebound

What a difference 80 years can make. In the span of just one human lifetime, Missouri’s white-tailed deer herd has gone from almost nonexistent to thriving. With restoration complete, management is the challenge of the day.

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Fishing Tip & Lure: Waxworms help teach beginning fishermen the ropes

For those children 5 years old and younger, one rod, reel and bait set-up seems to work best and draw their interest into fishing.

Cops Corner: Watch out for that school bus!

School will soon be in session, and we must again remind motorists to be watchful of that “big yellow bus.”

Baseball memories

Ceil Abbott recounts her favorite memories of America's favorite pastime.

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Driftwood Outdoors: Clean Water Act should matter to all sportsmen

The Clean Water Act has been stirring up some controversy in Missouri lately. As is so often the case, most of the concern is rooted in confusion.

My favorite comedians

The other day I overheard a discussion on what men and women should be considered the greatest comedians of all time. I have my opinion on exactly who would fit all the criteria necessary.

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Ozark Daze: The Bescheinens: More than family-owned furniture stores

Hubert Bescheinen, now in his 90s, spawned a brotherhood of furniture entrepreneurs in central Missouri.

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Conservation organizations offer youth dove-hunting opportunities

Dove season opens in Missouri on Sept. 1. Since it is one of the first hunting seasons to open each fall, dove hunting is somewhat of a kickoff for fall hunting season.

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Fishing Tip & Lure: Catch catfish near Lake bluffs with limb lines

During this time of year, catfish are prime for the catching, and Bill Cassidy, Osage Beach Bait & Tackle owner and award-winning fisherman, said there is one place to hook some big flathead and blue catfish.

I remember my first day of school

Ceil Abbott reflects on her first day of school at age 6.