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Is reading for pleasure becoming a lost art?

Ever since I started school, reading has been one of my favorite pastimes. Or maybe I should say reading is one of my favorite occupations, for I can’t seem to get through a day unless I read something just for the pleasure of doing so.

Around the Lake: TCLA works behind the scenes to promote special events

We attended the recent Governor’s Conference on Tourism earlier this month, which offered many educational seminars on destination marketing.

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Missouri Wild Elk: A legacy of our generation

Listening to a wild Missouri elk bugle for the first time was one of the most moving and inspiring moments I’ve ever experienced in the outdoors.

Remembering my dad and the St. Louis Cardinals

I will be glued to the TV from first pitch to last throughout the playoffs. Even as I rejoice that my Cardinals are once again competing in the post season, I can’t help but feel a little sadness that my dad won’t be here to watch the Redbirds play in yet another baseball classic.

Speak up, voice your opinion

When we started The Lake Today, nearly six years ago, the corporate hierarchy asked me if I would write a weekly column. I agreed, with one proviso that I am allowed to keep the subjects I touched on strictly non-political and always light-hearted in nature. But, dear readers, I am about to break that rule because I believe there is a subject currently in the news that without exception affects every person in the Lake Area in one way or another.

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Fall is the right time to visit Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake is a true sportsman’s paradise. A group of 200 professional outdoor enthusiasts just proved it.

More memories of autumn

In deciding what to write about in his week’s column, I attempted to look back into my childhood and pick out my best memories of events that occurred during the autumn of the year.

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The unexpected loss of man’s best friend

Junior was born the son of Bocephus. He was destined for greatness. Having a renowned retriever for a father sets expectations high. Junior may have never won a world title, but he was a champion. The tears of two little girls prove it.

SCORE: Want to get paid? Practice prompt, smart invoicing

Nobody likes the idea of resorting to a collections process to deal with delinquent accounts.

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Captive deer remain wildlife controlled by MDC

One vote. One vote was the difference between reclassifying captive deer as livestock, or leaving them as wildlife under the control of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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Fishing Tip & Lure: It’s about structure, lighting and location with crappie beds

Crappie fishing is gearing up at the Lake, and placing the beds properly is key to scoring some prime fish.

Health Beat: Fall prevention – Identifying risks helps avoid falls

Each year, one-third to one-half of individuals age 65 and older experience a fall, many repeatedly.

Autumns then and now

With the first day of autumn set for next Tuesday, I can’t help but remember the autumns of my past and marvel at how the world has changed over the past 50 or so years.

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Around the Lake: An unforgettable aviation experience for veterans

The 2014 Lake of the Ozarks Air Show will be held Saturday at the Camdenton Memorial Airport, and it will be an aviation event you will not want to miss with the return of the B-25 Bomber, Team Vortex Air Shows, the Ping Pong Ball Drop, KC Flight Formation Team along with a P-51 Gunfighter, Dacy Wing Walkers, Greg Shetterly-G&M Air Shows and so much more.

About the fall veto session

This week the legislature will convene for its annual veto session.