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Pondering why we have memories

I recently read an article about how the human brain is made up of several different sections and that one of those sections, the temporal lobe, is where memories are stored.

Health Beat: Screenings, prevention keys to beating cervical cancer

Despite evidence that cervical cancer screening saves lives, about eight million women ages 21 to 65 have not been screened in the past five years, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A Caregiver’s Coach: Beating the winter blues

This monthly column delivers helpful tips to those family members and others providing care for a loved one.

Discovering my home state

I always considered myself knowledgeable about my home state. However, recently I found out there a lot of hidden gems in Missouri that not only have I never visited but also I didn’t even know existed.

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Driftwood Outdoors: There is still time to tag a late season deer

Missouri’s late archery season remains open until Jan. 15. There is still time to add meat to your freezer, or to tag that wall-hanger you had your heart set on back in October.

SCORE: Give back to the community: Become a SCORE volunteer

Editor’s Note: Want to make your business better? Learn how by reading a special article courtesy of the SCORE Lake of the Ozarks the first and third Wednesday each month in The Lake Today.

Fun info about New Year’s celebrations

As you have known from my previous columns — recent and past — I love trivia. I really enjoying reading those little tidbits of information about a bunch of subjects that I could live very well without ever knowing.

Around the Lake: Reaching closer to a New Year 2015 with the Lake West Chamber of Commerce

'Tis the season to be ready for those good old New Year’s Resolutions: working out at the gym four to five times a week, kick the habit for good this time or find a way to spend more time with our family!

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Driftwood Outdoors: The love of a pup heals old wound

Losing Junior tore a hole in my heart. He was a 4-year old black lab in the prime of his life, and he was a duck hunting machine.

Remembering my favorite non-secular Christmas songs

I love Christmas music. In fact, even as I pen this week’s column I have holiday music playing in the background.

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Conservation community prepares to defend MDC funding

Before the 2015 Missouri Legislative Session could even begin, bills were pre-filed to repeal the conservation sales tax and to eliminate fees for fishing, hunting and trapping permits. If this incredulous proposed legislation were to become law, conservation as we know it in Missouri would cease to exist.

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Reelfoot Lake duck hunt brings back memories

In fog so thick you could barely see your hand in front of your face, Bill Blakely’s War Eagle boat raced through the thick stands of cypress trees covering Reelfoot Lake.

Name-calling: Select something befitting of your business

Choosing a name for a new small business has always been an important decision. But in an age where so much business is done online, your name must not only effectively distinguish who you are and what you do in person and in print, but also online.

Remembering Christmas with my grandparents

Early in my parents marriage they lived both in Quincy, Illinois, and Flint, Michigan, but by the time I came along they had moved back to the area where they were born and raised in the northeast corner of Missouri.

Around the Lake: LOTO Fiscal Year 2014 Ad. Effectiveness Study results are in

“Around the Lake” allows the Lake Area’s five chambers of commerce directors, Convention and Visitor Bureau director and Tri-County Lodging Association administrator to share upcoming event information, local issues and fun topics with The Lake Today’s readers.