Poetry: A multi-meaning word

CMS students release winners of Poetry Contest 2013

“Poetry is dancing in words,” says eighth grader Skylar Colyer.

Ande Johnston, another eighth grade CMS student says, “To me, Poetry is an expression of feelings put into words.”

T.S. Eliot, a world famous publisher and literary critic, once said, “Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.”

Robert Frost, a very well-known literary figure, known for his many piece of writing, mostly including poetry, has a different take on poetry. “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

Poetry is different to everyone who writes and reads it. In appreciation of this infinite style of writing, Mrs. Sullivan’s advanced eighth grade English Language Arts or E.L.A. class held a poetry contest throughout CMS. Seventh and eighth graders wrote their own original poems and submitted them a group of students in Mrs. Sullivan’s class. The group scored the poems based on creativity, originality, how well the poems flow, and how well the poems are written. The winning poets and their poems are published below.

Our first place seventh grade winner:

“Take this from me”

By Grace Tillett

Take this from me. Wash it away. The story on my skin.

I plead to you and pray. The road my blade took.

Leaving memories behind. Darkened lines on pale skin.

A curse upon my mind. Regretfully speaking.

I beg you hear my cry. Resting on my knees.

Make mine a different story. Forgive me I am here.

Broken glass to the sky. I’ll reach for something higher.

For this blood to come dry. Here I am; This is me.

Just a child at your feet. Stripped of lies and humbled.

My heart with love a fleet. I don’t know who to pray to.

Who would hear my call? I’m torn and I am breaking.

Nowhere left to fall. I hurt inside this sorry.

Please take it away. I admit my sorry. Relieve this curse some day.

Seventh grade second place:

“Haiku Visions”

By Caesar Jackson

The mountain is still,

But all the snow is too much,

So it tumbles down.

As winter wind blows,

The owl sleeps in his twig nest,

Dreaming about spring.

A flower stands still,

Until the cold harsh wind blows,

All the peace away;

As heat licks the ground,

A green leafed tree sways gently,

Soaking in summer.

Rivers flow gently,

Not a sound on their surface.

Until they hit sea.

As the crisp leaves fall,

A song bird flies overhead,

Singing of autumn…

Eighth grade first place winner:

“Origin of Nature”

By Halie Everhart

See the trees,

The gentle breeze…

…for winter, spring, summer, fall…

… God almighty has made you all.

From the rush of sister river,

To the hush of brother’s pond,

To all those beyond.

To quiet and to loud,

To the cloud in the sky,

And the star up high.

From the mutter of the songbird,

To trot of gentle deer I which I can hear.

Do not forget who made you all,

Standing mighty and tall.

Second place eighth grade winner:

“Comparison of Seasons”

By Tara Brake

When I think of winter

I think of all the snow

And all the things that you could make and really want to show.

I’m like that because when I’m done I want every one to know.

I love the way snow looks all shaped when it shines in the light it looks like a glow

But when I think of summer

I think of all the heat.

Even though the snows so cold the sun is hard to beat.

Then I think of all lemonade, and how it’s made so sweet.

It reminds me of running in the ocean the soft warm sand on my feet.

And even though these two seasons aren’t even close to the same.

I remember all the fun I had every time they came.


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