The fine arts use a different part of the brain than academic. Art strengthens focus and increases attention, develops hand-eye coordination and involves practice and strategic thinking. Those are all important skills that are needed in life.

The eighth-grade students in Jayme Shellhorn’s art class have completed a new project — the “All About Me Thumbprint.” Your type of thumbprint will determine the design that you use. Loop, arch, and whirl are the types of designs to choose from. You then fill in the lines with information or facts about you or stuff that interests you.

A middle school student was interviewed about her thoughts on this project. Her opinion was it was lots of fun but was challenging. Art class for her is a way to express her creativity and freedom to draw whatever she desires. Her favorite thing to do in art is when they paint and sculpt clay.

Art is very important to Camdenton Middle School. Without art, school would be pretty boring. Art builds self-esteem and increases motivation. Kids look forward to going to art because they are allowed a time out of their day to express themselves in a much different way than they do in regular classes. That is why art is important in school.

Fine arts good for the brain
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