Quick and easy ways to create a holiday wonderland for your yard or porch

Decorations bring a feeling of Christmas to the front porch. There are dozens of ways you can create beautiful outdoor decorations by using inexpensive materials.

Decorations bring a feeling of Christmas to the front porch. There are dozens of ways you can create beautiful outdoor decorations by using inexpensive materials. Photo by Ceil Abbott.

It isn’t necessary to purchase expensive seasonal statues, hundreds of feet of outdoor lights, premade wreaths or one of those huge inflatable snowmen to bring the joy of the holiday season to your porch or yard.

There are dozens of ways you can create beautiful outdoor décor by using articles that are inexpensive, free for the taking, or that you may already have laying around the house.

We surfed the Internet, checked out local stores and even stole some ideas from our neighbors to come up, with what we believe, are 12 of the most beautiful, inexpensive and easiest ideas around for turning the outside of your home into a real wonderland this holiday season.

  1. Fill flower boxes and/or empty flowerpots with pinecones and greenery (either artificial or real) and place them in the same locations where you put potted plants during the summer. And for an extra festive touch string jingle bells onto a wire and wrap the wire around the pot.
  2. Hang a holiday wreath or some greenery tied with a red ribbon on a child’s sled and prop it against the wall near the front door.
  3. Fill a child’s wagon, doll buggy, or large toy truck with greenery and pinecones, tied up with a red ribbon, and place on the front porch or steps.
  4. Place inexpensive, bright red candles in quart jars and line them up along either side of the walkway or stairs that lead to your front door.
  5. Wrap empty boxes as presents, tie them with weatherproof ribbon, secure them together, with the largest one on the bottom, and place by front door. A good all weather wrapping for the packages is a plastic tablecloth purchased at the local dollar store and cut to fit the boxes. To insure the boxes stay in place on windy days, fill the bottom one with gravel or dirt before wrapping it.
  6. Purchase old picture frames of various sizes at your favorite thrift or resale shop, paint them with festive colors, glue a big red bow at the top and hang them on the outside of each window and door.
  7. If you have porch or patio furniture that stays outside all year round, then you have the perfect place to display holiday decorations. For instance, red cushions on a front porch rocker that has big red bows tied to the back and arms is a real invitation for friends and family to stop and stay awhile.
  8. Red ribbons or greenery fastened to lawn statues, bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses and even the branches of bushes and small trees will bring the beauty of your inside decorations right out into the yard.
  9. From the woods, or your backyard, cut several small branches, the kind that have a lot of twigs sticking out from a central branch, stick three or four of the branches in a dirt filled flowerpot and hang unbreakable ornaments from the twigs. Tie a bright red bow around the pot and place in groups of three on your front steps, porch or sidewalk.
  10. Swag inexpensive artificial greenery along porch railings, from the porch ceiling or even the house’s overhang. Place an unbreakable ornament, pinecone or red bow at the center point of each swag, add a wreath to the front door and you’re done.
  11. Spray paint old coffee cans or metal buckets a bright, shiny silver, then using a hammer and nail pierce the sides of the containers with dozens of holes. Place a fat inexpensive candle, or a battery operated light inside, and you’ll have “star” luminaries to light the way to your front door.
  12. Purchase a large roll of inexpensive red plastic ribbon, a large red plastic bow and a couple of sprigs of artificial greenery at your local dollar or big box store. Fasten the ribbon in a crisscross pattern to the outside of the door. Using safety pins or hot glue fasten the sprig of greenery and the bow to the center of the ribbon, and you will be offering a gift of the warmth and beauty of your home to all who come calling this holiday season.


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